It all started with an idea in 2018 when Linda Neuhaus and Kristy Campbell set out for a drive Linda had something special in mind. She took her daughter Kristy to the location of what is now the infamous “Cabin Fever Coneys and Ice Cream” or just “Cabin Fever Coneys” as most call it.

Kristy wasn’t sold on the idea at first but with a little convincing and knowing how great her mom’s sauce is she thought she would take the chance.

So when two women entrepreneurs set out to establish their dream they went seeking professional help.

Their response was overwhelming. With help from the city, their own personal funds and hard work sweat and determination the new Cabin Fever Coneys was established.

We wanted a place that was homey with a theme for everyone to visit and enjoy. Something a little different. Home made menu items that are not boxed  up and franchised but just down home goodness fresh. With menu items continuously growing we are suited to fit our customers wants and needs. Cabin Fever is kinda what we had sitting around the house and rather than have cabin fever at home might as well have it out serving the public with something everyone loves. Food!

Stop by and see what the rant and rave is all about with these two women entrepreneurs! Cabin Fever Coneys & Ice Cream!!!